Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cukrzyca choroba zawodowa


Zawsze tweierdzilem ze swojego doswiadczenia, ze dostalem cukrzyce z powodu pracy na szyfty i brak z tego powodu snu. Albo nieregularny sen, szczegolnie gdy robilo sie na nocki.
Wychodzi na to, ze mialem racje. Ostatnio naukowcy z Holandii tez to potwierdzili i swoje badania opublikowali w "Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism".

Lack of sleep may lead to diabetes

A lack of sleep may lead to Type 2 diabetes, new research out of the Netherlands suggests. The study says a short amount of sleep, even for just one night, can cause temporary insulin resistance.
"Sleep duration has shortened considerably in western societies in the past decade and simultaneously, there has been an increase in the prevalence of insulin resistance and Type 2 diabetes," said researcher Dr. Esther Donga of the Leiden University Medical Center in the Netherlands. "The co-occurring rises in shortened sleep and diabetes prevalence may not be a coincidence. Our findings show a short night of sleep has more profound effects on metabolic regulation than previously appreciated."
The researchers examined nine healthy subjects, once after a night of normal sleep duration - about eight hours - and once after a night of four hours of sleep. Insulin sensitivity of each study participant was measured and researchers found insulin sensitivity changed depending on how long a person slept.
The study results will appear in the June edition of Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism.
Donga said further studies are needed to evaluate whether interventions aimed at improving sleep duration may be beneficial in stabilizing glucose levels in patients with diabetes.
Meanwhile, another study found those people who doze for less than six hours each night are 12% more likely to die prematurely than those who get a good six to eight hours of solid down-time.
The research, by the U.K.'s University of Warwick and the Federico II University Medical School in Naples, Italy, reportedly offers enequivocal evidence that a lack of sleep can kill you.
-QMI Agency (THE TORONTO SUN, Thursday, May 6, 2010).

03:00 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

04:30 Hrs. Budzik zrywa mnie na rowne nogi. Na dworzu deszcz. 6-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 21.2C.

04:37 Hrs. Pije lyzke stolowa oleju konopnego mum's original + zagryzam czekoladka Xocai POWER.

20:00 Hrs. Pije ziola SZALWIA + chalwa krolewska.

20:40 Hrs. Ide do lozka. Postaram sie poczytac "Zdrowa Watroba Zdrowe Jelita" Dr Sandry Cabot. A moze zaraz zasne.

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