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cukru na czczo 5.1 mmol/L = 91 mg/dL. Takiego wyniku nie mialem przez dobre 10 lat. Czyli moja terapia zaczyna pracowac. Rysiek przez ostatnie 2 tygodnie byl chory na grype. Zlapalem od niego wirusa, ale moja choroba trwala tylko 2 dni. Silny organizm + duze ilosci wit. C. zalatwily wirusa w krotkim czasie. Stracilem na wadzie osiagajac nowy rekord 68 kg. ale czuje sie lekki, silny + usmiechniety. Jednym slowem: I'm feeling good.

"Mieso wywoluje uzaleznienie czyli nalog" - EWA DABROWSKA ("Cialo i ducha ratowac zywieniem").

What YOU NEED to know about the new SEX ED!

6 Year Old - Will learn the names and be shown GRAPHICS OF GENITALS (penis, vagina, vulva and so on).
8 Year Old - Will learn about homosexual lifestyle. Gender as a social and not biological construct.
9 Year Old - Will be thought about romantic dating.
11 Year Old - Will be told masturbation is good and pleasurable. Vaginal lubrication will be covered.
12 Year Old - The curriculum will introduce the concept or Oral and Anal Sex.

We wish to bring to your attention the issue of Sexual Education in Ontario elementary schools. Ontario Liberal Government released a new curriculum that is going to be enforced in our schools effective September 2015. To give some background on the issue, this curriculum was originally proposed by Kathleen Wynne, then Minister of Education and now Premier of Ontario, back in 2010, but was then dropped due to widespread opposition from Ontario parents. Now, five years later, the curriculum is published again with very little modifications and none of the major concerns, raised by parents back in 2010, were addressed. Therefore, it must be concluded that the government did not engage in sincere dialogue with the society on the issue with either parents or parental-rights groups. Instead of engaging i constructive dialogue with the parents, the government is spreading prejudice in the media trying to label the opposition as "partially homophobic." Careful review of The New Sexual Education Curriculum shows that:

1. It infringes on rights of the parents to be the primary educators of their children; when it comes to transmission of values corresponding to meaning of human life and sexuality.

2. It overly sexualizes children by introducing graphical sex education well before the children are even interested in these topics. As a result, leaving in our children a desire and craving for sexual experimentation and exploration.

3. In many places, both directly and indirectly, it introduces the "theory of gender fluidity" leaning towards a position that gender is not a biological fact, but rather, a social concept. Parents need to be aware that this new "social doctrine" is not scientific, but ideological in nature, and thus, should be banned from all schools.

Should your 11 year old child be taught about masturbation as suggested below" Should 11 year old children start to masturbate in order to learn about their body?

"Exploring one's body by ... masturbating is something that many people do and find pleasurable. It is ... not harmful and is one way of learning about your body."
"Excerpt from the new curriculum"

Should your 13 year old child be taught that touching of genitals and sexual intercourse is just a way to show others that you care for them?

There is a range of intimate behaviours that people can use to show caring ... including holding... touching genitals, and engaging in sexual intercourse."
"Except from the new curriculum"

Children will be taught that they are free to pick their own gender, leading to an identity crisis in the general population. The curriculum forces on our children a sexually explicit and radical thinking. Whenever the curriculum refers to gender identity they are talking about SIX GENDERS! (male, female, two-spirited, transgender, transsexual, intersex).
A well-fit boy who always felt that he was a boy will leave such education questioning his own identity: "Which of the six genders am I?" The use of words "mother" and "father" is discouraged because these are discriminatory to homosexual families. Generic word "parent" will be used instead.


1. Send a letter to your MPP. List of MPP can be found here:
2. Send a letter to your Trustee (a) List of Trustees can be found here:
3. Send a letter to Archbishop expressing your concerns:
4. Sign a petition opposing the new curriculum and signup to the mailing list of Parents As First Educators (PAFE):
5. Consider donating money to PAFE to give them the means to fight for our rights
 6. Be an informed voter on the issue in the next election!!! (2018)

01:38 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

05:00 Hrs. Budzik zrywa mnie na rowne nogi. Na dworze minus 8-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 23C. + zrywam kartke z kalendarza: "Czas obchodzi sie lagodnie z tymi, ktorzy z nim postepuja podobnie" - ANATOL FRANCE.

05:10 Hrs. Mierze stezenie cukru we krwi na czczo. 5.1 mmol/L = 91 mg/dL.

05:16 Hrs. Biore po lyzce na pusty zoladek ziol CHINESE BITTERS + GCG.

05:23 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "wSIECI".

05:50 Hrs. Wskakuje na wage APSCO. 69 kg.

06:20 Hrs. (1) szklanka herbaty rumiankowej.

06:28 Hrs. Biore tabletke 1500 mg witaminy C.

06:32 Hrs. Wyjmuje ze skrzynki "National Post" z "Russians take to the streets after Putin critic shot dead. Russian opposition shaken amid fears of state-sanctioned assassination" na okladce + 140 krokow do samochodu + odpalam maszyne.

06:38 Hrs. "Smooth operator, smooth operator" - unosi sie w Radio 7 na fali 1320 AM gdy czestuje sie ze skrzynek na chodniku 2 gazetami. "24hrs" z " 'Brighter days are ahead for the TTC'. Mayor John Tory remained positive about the furure of the TTC while at a press conference where he tried to defend the fare increase which kicked in Sunday" na okladce + "Metro" z "High rent making strange bedfellows. Tiny rooms available. The high cost of living in Toronto has some looking for lodging in all the small places" na okladce.
ESSO, Shell, Petro-Canada biora za litr paliwa $1.08.9.

07:50 Hrs. Badam pusl. 93/min (solidny bez kustykania).

11:20 Hrs. Sssacy bol w zoladku jagby zelzal + ostre krotkie bole w okolicach serca + lekkie stapniecie serca (co 4-5 uderzenie).

12:12 Hrs. Siusiu + bol z glodu w zoladku przeszedl calkowicie + suche usta.

12:45 Hrs. 2-ga szklanka wody z cytryna.

13:30 Hrs. Jem 6 mini pomidorkow.

13:55 Hrs. Jem 4 rzodkiewki.

14:05 Hrs. Jem 2 truskawki.

15:10 Hrs. (3) szklanka nutri blastu. Zrobionego z: po garstce szpinaku i pietruszki + laseczka seleru + banan ze skorka + 2 zabki czosnku + 2 truskawki + po lyzeczce siemia lnianego, CACAO NIBS, ziaren CHIA, jagod GOJI, ziaren konopi, cynamonu + 1 1/2 szklanki wody.

16:00 Hrs. Siusiu + gozdzik do zucia.

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