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Bald Eagle Head Shot, Homer, AlaskaW Twoje swieto, zycze Ci duzo, duzo i jak najwiecej WOLNOSCI!

Ameryka za czasow wolnosci miala 3 wspolne cechy z Polska. Symbol narodowy (orzel) + szlachcica Kazimierza Pulaskiego h. Slepowron  + narod z ekstremalnym poczuciem wolnosci.

Two million are incarcerated, many innocent, and many convicted of dubious crimes (Father Raymond J. De Souza, "Land of the free? Hardly", NATIONAL POST, Thursday, July 4, 2013).



'They hate us for our freedom" was the oft-repeated line George W. Bush would share with his countrymen, who were looking for a simple explanation for the 9/11 attacks. The former U.S. president talked the talk about liberty, but spent most of his time in office taking away America's most cherished freedoms. To quote Star Trek's Captain James T. Kirk, "liberty and freedom have to be more than just words."
There was hope that the election of Barack Obama would lead to big change on the civil liberties front. Following revelations about the government spying on journalists and the National Security Agency (NSA) massive surveillance apparatus, we now know that things have actually gotten worse.
Charles Krauthammer, along with other proponents of the post-9/11 security state, have likened the NSA's intelligence-gathering operation to looking at addresses on envelopes. "The content of the conversation," writes Krauthammer, "is like the letter inside the envelope. It may not be opened without a court order." Unless your letter happens to have been sent via email, as most are in the 21st century.
A government that tracks everyone's phone calls is concerning enough, but the NSA's PRISM program has the potential to be far more insidious. It allows law-enforcement officials to eavesdrop on, and record, private communications, including emails and live chats. PRISM also gives the government access to people's search history, file transfers and all the information they feed into social networking sites, such as Facebook.
Unlike the NSA's collection of call records, which only records metadata such as call numbers and length of call, PRISM can listen in on conversations that people have a reasonable expectation of being private. And with more and more our daily communications being conducted over the Internet, the U.S. government is on its way to achieving total information awareness.
Think about it: We don't just use the Internet for email and Twitter. Many home-phone lines go through the Internet, and GPS systems are constantly communicating with centralized servers to pull the latest information about where people are going. The NSA doesn't need to tap your phone line if it can listen in on your Skype calls (which, according to a report in The New York Times, it can).
But don't worry, American officials tell us, the program is only used to gather information about foreigners and Americans who communicate with them.
Following the revelations about the program, President Obama received a rather frosty reception during his trip to Germany - a country composed almost entirely of "foreigners."
This should give Canadians pause as well, along with Americans who use the Internet to communicate with their friends and relatives north of the border. Of course, officials only need to be 51% certain that a target is a foreigner in order to use the data PRISM has collected. Might as well just flip a coin to determine whose phone is going to be tapped today.
Authorities are also trying to reassure the public by saying that the three branches of government are responsible for keeping the program in check. But Congress was just as complicit in enabling the program, and keeping it a secret, as the administration. And the FISA courts have rejected a mere 0.03% of government requests since 1979 - hardly a sign of a fair judicial system.
A government that spies on its people, keeps the program secret from the masses (who, in a democracy, are supposed to have a say in the size and scope of government) and has a judicial-review process that is far from open and transparent, can clearly not be trusted to protect the privacy rights of its citizens. But it's not just the government that's involved in gathering this data.
PRISM's ability to collect such vast amounts of information has been enabled by large technology firms, including Microsoft, Yahoo!, Google, ALO and Facebook. In doing so, the NSA has tried to capitalize on the fact that most of the major information technology companies are located in the United States. By getting direct access to services such as Gmail and Facebook, the NSA can monitor the communications of millions of Internet users worldwide.
The U.S. government has certainly used its power to compel these companies into co-operating with the program, but there is also a strong financial incentive for private businesses to get in bed with America's spy agencies: In creating systems to store and analyze such large amounts of data, the NSA has become a big player in Silicon Valley, investing in start-ups, recruiting hackers and information technology experts, as well as purchasing software and equipment.
Exactly how much the NSA spends is a closely guarded secret, but independent analysts believe the agency's overall budget is somewhere in the range of $8- to $10-billion per year. The massive data centre being built in Utah to store all the information collected by PRISM and other such programs is expected to cost $2-billion, with another $2-billion being spent on hardware and software.
This may not have been what president Dwight D. Eisenhower had in mind when he warned Americans about the "military-industrial complex," but a cozy relationship between the U.S. military and tech firms, in an effort to gain information about us, seems to be the wave of the future. At a time when cars that drive themselves and glasses that are constantly connected to the Internet are right on the horizon, that is a scary though, indeed (NATIONAL POST, Tuesday, July 2, 2013). 

01:44 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu + za oknem leje deszcz + grzmi.

03:01 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

04:30 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

07:37 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

08:35 Hrs. Budze sie naturalnie + deszcz za oknem. 22-stopniowo.

08:39 Hrs. Mierze stezenie cukru we krwi na czczo. 5.3 mmol/L = 95 mg/dL.

08:42 Hrs. Pije pierwsza szklanke wody + 3 kapsulki Hepatica + 15 kropelek Circu Balance.

08:46 Hrs. Wyjmuje ze skrzynki na listy "National Post" z "Democracy in doubt as Morsi overthrown. Military strips president of power, assigns chief justice as interim leader" na okladce.

08:50 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "Uwazam Rze".

We wrzesniu 2009 r. na terenie zachodniej Bialorusi i Obwodu Kaliningradzkiego zostaly przeprowadzone rosyjsko-bialoruskie manewry "Zapad 2009". Wieksza czesc cwiczen odbywala sie tuz pod polska granica, w okolicach Brzescia i Grodna. Scenariusz zakladal, ze w tym ostatnim miescie dochodzi do walk miedzy Polakami i Bialorusinami, a z odsiecza wkraczaja oddzialy rosyjskie. Innym elementem cwiczen byla walka z grupami dywersantow, zlozonymi z mniejszosci etnicznych zamieszkujacych Bialorus...

Jedynymi czlonkami NATO, dla ktorych bezpieczenstwo Polski jest sprawa istotna z punktu widzenia wlasnych interesow, sa kraje baltyckie. Sojusznikiem, ktorego pomoc mialaby decydujace znaczenie w pierwszych godzinach konfliktu, z racji sasiedztwa i potencjalu militarnego, sa Niemcy. Niestety, nie tylko posiadaja bardzo dobre relacje z Rosja, ale rowniez zywia  ogromna niechec do jakichkolwiek dzialan militarnych w ramach NATO. Wystarczy przypomniec sytuacje sprzed 10 lat, gdy to Niemcy, wspolnie z Francja i Belgia, zawetowaly plany obrony Turcji narazonej na potencjalny iracki atak. Szybkie wsparcie z tej strony jest wiec watpliwe...

Bialoruscy generalowie opracowali w 2007 r. scenariusz ataku. Wykorzystujac rozlokowanie polskiego wojska wzdluz zachodnich i polnocnych granic, sztab armii bialoruskiej zalozyl, ze w ciagu 12 godzin ich czolgi dojda do Wisly i zagroza Warszawie (Witold Gladkij, "Kto zachce umierac za Bialystok? W 2007 r. sztaby generalne Polski i Bialorusi niezaleznie od siebie opracowaly symulacje wojny. Zarowno nasi, jak i bialoruscy generalowie doszli do tych samych wnioskow: Lukaszenka po kilku dniach moze przyjmowac w Warszawie defilade zwyciestwa", UWAZAM RZE, 2-7 IV 2013).

09:42 Hrs. Wskakuje na wage APSCO. 76 kg. + pas Wellness Belt.

09:50 Hrs. Pije ziolo SKRZYP + 2 daktyle.

11:45 Hrs. 2-ga szklanka wody + olej z ryb ULTRA EPA.

13:09 Hrs. 3-cia szklanka wody + zelatynka koenzymu Co-Q10.

13:21 Hrs. Odpalam maszyne + spiew ptakow.

14:26 Hrs. W RONA kupuje pile BOSCH RS7 1-1/8'' Reciprocating Saw ($99.99) + 5 workow piasku Construction sand bonix ($5.34 jeden)  + TAX = $182.70.

14:33 Hrs. W domu + wyladowujemy 30 kg. worki piasku + parno 27C. + wilgotnosc powietrza 88% = odczuwalne 35C. + 4-ta szklanka wody + 2 magazyny ze skrzynki na listy. "Maclean's" z "How a shy animal lover from Vancouver became America's most wanted eco-terrorist" na okladce + "Treating Yourself" z "Non-Hodgkin's Lymphoma Cannabis as a Complementary Therapy. Cannabis: Eye Candy for Eye Conditions. Psychosis and Cannabis" na okladce.

15:09 Hrs. 5-ta szklanka wody + tabletka magnezu LAKTOMAG B6.

16:54 Hrs. 6-ta szklanka wody + 2000 I.U. witaminy D3.

17:47 Hrs. Kotlet mielony + salatka + oliwki + 6 zabkow czosnku + 7-ma szklanka wody + nac pietruszki.

18:12 Hrs. 8-ma szklanka wody + 2 tabletki MORWA BIALA.

19:55 Hrs. 10-ta szklanka wody + wyciag z glogu Intractum Crataegi PhytoPharm.

20:57 Hrs. 11-ta szklanka wody + wyciag z ziela jemioly Intractum Visci PhytoPharm.

21:37 Hrs. 12-ta szklanka wody + lyzeczka cynamonu.

22:00 Hrs. "On the boats and trains we've come to America" - spiewa Neil Diamond na stacji PBS. Koncert na Kapitolu z okazji swieta Ameryki 4 lipca.

22:12 Hrs. 13-ta szklanka wody + szczypta magnezu w proszku.

22:57 Hrs. Badam cisnienie krwi 6 razy + wyciagam srednia.

1) 136/81 + puls 68.
2) 139/82 + puls 65.
3) 129/80 + puls 63.
4) 132/82 + puls 66.
5) 136/78 + puls 65.
6) 126/75 + puls 64.
Srednia: 133/79 + puls 65. Kategoria: Wysokie prawidlowe.

23:03 hrs. Jem 6 suszonych jagod zorawiny + 6 orzechow pecan + 14-ta szklanka wody.

23:55 Hrs. 15-ta szklanka wody + 3 kapsulki Hepatica + 15 kropelek Circu Balance + czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER + wkraplam sztuczne lzy do oczu.

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