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Registo de


At 1:00 p.m. on the 9th day of the month of September of the year 1950, a female child was born at 172-1 Praca Bernardino Antonio Gomes, in the Parish of Monte Pedral of this City, who was given the first name Maria Isabel and the family name Ferreira Martins, legitimate daughter of Julio Carlos Martins, 23 years of age, married, an office employee by trade, born in the Parish of Se, Municipality of Lisbon, and of Bertine Rodrgues Ferreira Martins, 21 years of age, married, a homemaker, born in the Parish of Gridental, Municipality of Vizeu, residing at said address, paternal granddaughter of Jose Albino Martins and of Silvina da Conceicao Martins, and maternal granddaughter of Emilio da Costa Ferreira and of Emilia Rodrigues Ferreira.

The declaration was made by the father.

The following were the witnesses to this registration, and have stated that they wish to be godparents to this child: Jorge Jose Andre, merchant, and his wife Maria Helena Almeida Andre, homemaker, of age, residing at 28, 1st left, Avenida Almirante Reis.

This registration, which was drawn up at this Registry Office at 11:00 a.m., once read and verified against its excerpt  before all of the parties, shall be signed by me, Adelino de Oliveira Pinto Furtado, the Registrar, by the informant, and by the witnesses.

The fees amount to fourteen escudos and the stamps due by the party amount to three escudos and fifty centavos.

Lisbon, 1st Registry Office, October 7, 1950.

(4 signatures).


I, Florinda Lages, translator for ALL LANGUAGES LTD, of Toronto, in the Province of Ontario, make oath and say:

1. I understand both the Portuguese and the English languages;

2. I have carefully compared the annexed translation from Portuguese into English the Birth Certificate of Maria Isabel Ferreira Martins, dated October 7, 1950;

3. The said translation of the said document in every respect.

SWARN before me at the City of Toronto, this 26th day of August A.D. 1999.
A Notary Public in and for the Province of Ontario.

Dzis Isabel obchodzi swoje urodziny. Jakby zyla, mialaby 64 lata. Opublikowalem jej metryke urodzenia. Przetlumaczona z portugalskiego na angielski. Wazny dokument dla genealoga.

Mount Hope Cemetery, Toronto

00:27 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

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06:30 Hrs. Wyjmuje ze skrzynki na listy "National Post" z " 'Be afraid' if Scotland splits: Bank. Quebec experience seen as model for economic turmoil" na okladce + odpalam maszyne + ciemno.

 06:39 Hrs. "I dobry wiatr przecial mi droge" - unosi sie w Radio 7 na fali 1320 AM + czestuje sie 2 gazetami ze skrzynek na chodniku. "Metro" z "$4 a year for land of riches. Treaty signed in 1850. First Nations say they have been cheated out of millions in land fees" na okladce + "24hrs" z "'You build it, they will come'" na okladce.
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