Saturday, September 20, 2014


nie wychodze z pizamy caly dzien. Odpoczywam. Przeglad prasy weekendowej + nadrabiam pisanie bloga. Na dworze wietrznie, slonecznie + spiew ptakow.

The Dutch Army contains three brigades, plus support staff and Special Forces. On June 12, the German Army swallowed one of those brigades. The Netherlands' 11th Airmobile didn't lose a battle - it voluntarily joined the German military.
This was the first time in history that one European country has handed part of its army over to another. "Never before has a state renounced this part of its sovereignty," Die Welt's Thorsten Jungholt wrote on August 7.
And this is not a one-off circumstance. Berlin is making it clear it intends to follow this pattern and to absorb more units from foreign militaries. Jungholt's title summed it up: "Germany Is Driving the European Army Project."

Expanding the German Army
German generals already have their eyes on a second Dutch brigade. German Army Chief of Staff Lt. Gen. Bruno Kasdorf wrote a letter outlining these plans. "The integration of the Dutch 43rd Mechanized Brigade into the [German] 1st Armored Division shall be encouraged," he wrote (date/reference). This would leave the 13th  Mechanized Brigade as the only Dutch brigade still under Dutch command.
This military merger has received little attention in the Netherlands, but consider what is happening here. This is no small experiment simply to pay lip service to the idea of multinational cooperation. This is the Netherlands signing the core of its army over to Germany. This comes in addition to extensive training and cooperation that already goes on between German and Dutch armed forces.
Kasdorf wrote that Germany wants to employ the Dutch model to its military relationships with other nations. "The bilateral cooperation with Austria and Poland is currently gaining much momentum," he wrote (date/reference). In Austria, this coordination comes mainly in the form of "mountain-specific" activities, he said, but the German military is considering "a more intensive ... cooperation ... in a form similar to the Netherlands" with Poland. Poland has agreed "to study the exchange of units/organizations," with Germany, Kasdorf wrote.
These nations already share military training and exercises. Could we see Polish brigades joining the German Army soon? Last year Poland and Germany signed a naval agreement to train together and cooperate in the Baltic Sea. In the wake of the crisis in Ukraine, there may soon be more ("Building a Euroarmy before your eyes", THE PHILADELPHIA TRUMPET, October 2014).

"Whether it takes five months or 50 years to liberate it, Canada will never, ever recognize the illegal Russian occupation of any Ukrainian territory. For Canadians, with our deep connections to the Ukrainian people, this is not to us just a matter of international law or political principle. This is a matter of kinship. This is a matter of family. This is personal" - STEPHEN HARPER (Lee Berthiaume and Dylan Robertson, "Ukraine's president thanks Canada", NATIONAL POST, Thursday, September 18, 2014).

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08:45 Hrs. Wyjmuje ze skrzynki na listy "National Post" z "A fight at the museum. From honouring the victims to building a hierarchy of atrocities, this is what happens when you assign floor space to human suffering. Inside the decade-long battle to create the world's first human rights museum" i "as" na okladce.

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