Friday, April 07, 2017

Dziekuje Prezydentowi USA

Image result for sweden terrorist attackpanu Trumpowi za pogonienie Ruska w Syrii, a Premier Polski, pani Beacie Szydlo za pogonienie Ruska w polskim parlamencie + Tajemnice bolesne w intencji zamordowanych w Sztokcholmie. Dzis jestem Szwedem! + dumnym, ze pracowalem dla szwedzkiej firmy ochroniarskiej.

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"No child of God should suffer like this" - PRESIDENT DONALD TRUMP


Pot shop manager says he's had enough of raids


Forget the buzz when there is so much heat coming down from the fuzz. A law enforcement hat trick?  Call it what you want but a third raid of the infamous marijuana shop at 461 Church St. Monday has proven all too much for some of the Village Cannabis Dispensary employees, including one of its managers. "This is my last shift," bewildered shop manager Mark Harrison said Wednesday. "They win.".
The sight of cops coming through the door to confiscate their marijuana and money, as well as charging staff members, is starting to work. "I just don't want to get charged," said Harrison. He's not alone. Many staff at the store originally called Cannabis Culture have also quit. The breaking point came Monday. "Police came in and took all of the product and money," said Harrison. "They also wanted to take the safe with them out the back door but we managed to get it open for them."
Still, with a fellow manager and a staffer being charged Monday, it was hitting too close to home.
Daniella Crisostomo, 21, was charged with trafficking marijuana and being in possession of the proceeds of crime under $5000. She has a court date to be fingerprinted just 15 months before pot becomes legal.
"It's just not worth it," said Harrison. Ironically, however, despite the effort for force the closure, the store's business is booming - up to 2,000 customers a day. But the writing is on the wall. The marijuana industrial complex does not want shops like this to exist as Canada heads toward pot legalization in July 2018. Staff is gearing up for what they believe will be another raid on April 18, just two days before the annual 4/20 pot freedom day.
Time will tell what Ontario's model will look like after legalization, but the idea of all the pot being grown and marketed by either big business or through government stores is not sitting well with marijuana enthusiasts.
What should happen is the development of a craft industry - like what has happened with breweries and wineries  - which would allow people like Marc and Jodie Emery to have at least a small piece of what they have been fighting for.
And people like Harrison. One idea being floated is the creation of a Cannabis Control Board that will act as custodian of all legal marijuana in Ontario. "It makes sense because this has got to be done safely and priced appropriately in the interest of the health of Ontarians and to ensure it keeps the black market from prospering," said OPSEU President Smokey Thomas.
They could also put 80 "mom and pop" pot shop licences up for grabs in a lottery that would service craft markets to avoid the appearance of Liberal friends feasting on what in essence is a monopoly. Harrison believes all of this will happen.
"I would like to get one of those. I want to be legitimate," he said. "The government will vet the people applying for those very closely and you will have to be as clean as a whistle," He survived three raids at his store but is not sticking around for the fourth (24 HOURS TORONTO, Friday, April 7, 2017).

00:10 Hrs. Siusiu (slomkowe + puszyste).

03:03 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu (slomkowe + puszyste).

06:27 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu (slomkowe + puszyste).

07:53 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu (prawie przezroczyste + puszyste). Na dworze bialo. Spadla cienka warstwa sniegu.

09:20 Hrs. Budzi mnie kurcz w lewej lydce + siusiu (jasno-slomkowe + puszyste). Na dworze snieg. 0-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 23C. + zrywam kartke z kalendarza: "W zyciu nie ma prob, od razu zaczyna sie przedstawienie" - MARIANNE FAITHFULL.

09:40 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "Do Rzeczy".

11:55 Hrs. Wyjmuje ze skrzynki na listy "National Post" z "U.S. hits Syria airbase. Cruise Missiles. Retaliation for chemical attacks on civilians" na okladce. Na dworze wiatr. 0-stopniowo + dzwiek Izabelinek na werandzie + jakby sie rozjasnialo.

15:00 Hrs. Wyjmuje poczte ze skrzynki na listy. W tym magazyn "Shooting Times" z "Ruger gets it right" na okladce +

17:13 Hrs. Wychodze + wiatr + slonce + dziwiek Izabelinek na werandzie + sloneczne okulary. Petro-Canada na rogu bierze za litr paliwa $1.13.9. Bilet na metro ($2.05) + czestuje sie gazeta "24 Hours Toronto" z "Face of criminal? This is the 21-year-old cops busted for working at a pot dispensary" na okladce.

17:36 Hrs. Wychodze ze stacji metra + slonce + fotki + czestuje sie ze skrzynek na chodniku "Epoch Times" z "Russia collusion investigations struggle to find evidence. Former director of US national intelligence said there is 'no evidence whatsoever' of collusion between Trump campaign and Russia" na okladce + "Toronto Metro" z "Response to chemical attack. U.S. launches missile strike on Syria. Sixty tomahawk missiles fired at air base. Trump calls military action 'vital' for security of the United States. Syrian president refuses to admit wrongdoing" na okladce.

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