Sunday, January 15, 2017


kurs dzisiaj.  9-ciogodzinny. Ale zaliczylem go tylko na 94%.  Minimum w obydwoch wypadkach bylo 80%.  Wczoraj 100%, a dzisiaj 94%. Tylko podziekowac Bogu za blyskotliwosc umyslu + dobra reke.

Poniewaz dzisiejszy kurs byl krotszy to po powrocie z Brampton moglem jeszcze pojsc na wieczorowa Msze sw.

Jak uczyc sie bezpiecznego obslugiwania sie bronia palna, to trzeba sie uczyc od najlepszych. A kto tu najlepszy moze byc w tym fachu jak nie krolewska policja RCMP? Wspanialy, profesjonalny i umiejacy przekazac swoja wiedze instructor + podrecznik RCMP ("Canadian Firearms Safety Course * Canadian Restricted Firearms Safety Course") = perfekacja. Polecam Canadian Firearms Courses.

In the late-nineteenth century, rifle shooting was held to promote all kinds if martial and many virtues, by the same dubious logic that gave us mens sana in corpore sano. "A marksman is already more than half a soldier," as New York Times explained in promoting the NRA's new range at Creedmoor: "He has developed those qualities of quickness, precision, self-reliance, and coolness which are most valuable to the soldier, and without which all the drilling in the world will make but an indifferent imitation." Behold the benefits gained by lying on the cold ground, shooting at distant targets!
The rifle, that reservoir of "quickness, precision, self-reliance, and coolness," resonated uniquely with the rugged individualism that the North American male fancied he saw in the bathroom mirror. The infantry soldier of the musket era had been little more than a robot remotely operated by an officer and kept in working order by the flat of a sergeant's sword, capable of no more initiative than a granule of explosive inside a hand grenade, and his function was much the same: to throw a piece of metal into the air, where it might or might not hit something.
This was the European way of war. But the rifleman aims his rifle at a target of his choosing, fights with his wits, his initiative, and his daring, and becomes the master of his fate. The musketeer is the creature of Old Europe; the rifleman belongs to the New World (A.J. Somerset, "Arms: The culture and credo of the gun", BIBLIOASIS, Windsor, Ontario 2015).

02:08 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu (jasno-slomkowe + puszyste).

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