Monday, November 19, 2012


nijaki jestem dzisiaj. I jeszcze do tego "Biograph" Boba Dylana. To caly obrazek poniedzialku. Malo czytam + wiecej slucham. A pisac w ogole mi sie nie chce.

02:21 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

04:00 Hrs. Budzik zrywa mnie na rowne nogi. Na dworze 2-stopniowo.

04:12 Hrs. Pije wode z cytryna + czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER.

04:15 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "Time".

Ever since modern republican democracy was invented, astonishing protests and uprisings have spiked and spread once every half-century or so: the revolutions in America and France and Haiti; the revolutions of 1848; the revolutions of the 1910s (Russia, Germany, Ireland, Turkey, Egypt, Mexico); the postwar wave of worldwide revolt (the movements toward decolonization, Cuba, Hungary, American civil rights, countercultural militancy in America and Europe). It happens almost like clockwork, yet each time people are freshly shocked and bedoozled.
So here we are again. History isn't very precise guide to how long it might persist this time. In 1848 the revolutionary moment was explosive but lasted only a year, extinguished by both dictatorial and democratic counterrevolutions. The revolutionary dream hatched around 1960, however, was still powerfully contagious a decade later (Kurt Andersen, "The Protester", TIME, December 26, 2011 - January 2, 2012).

05:55 Hrs. Biore 2 tabletki chemii + Legalon 140.

06:12 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post" z "In Gaza it's hats off to Hamas. Rocket attacks winning popular support" na okladce + biore Glog + Magnez + Morwa.

 06:40 Hrs. "Panie Waldku pan sie nie boi, caly narod murem za nami stoi" - unosi sie w Polskim Radiu Toronto na fali 1320 AM.
ESSO + Petro-Canada biora za litr paliwa $1.21.5. Shell $1.23.7.

14:55 Hrs. Czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER.

16:45 Hrs. W domu + magazyn "Maclean's" z "Justin Bieber. I want to be the next Michael Jackson. Exclusive a candid, surprising interview with the new king of pop" na okladce.

17:55 Hrs. Biore 3 tabletki chemii + Legalon 140 + ArmoLIPID + popijam sokiem z marchwi.
21:05 Hrs. Czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER.

21:44 Hrs. Biore kapsulke Skrzypa polnego.

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