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Niezawistne sadownictwo

w Kanadzie jeszcze istnieje. To co robi obecna wladza z pacjentami uzywajacymi konopii indyjskich jako lekarstwa, to skaranie Boskie. Duzo sie japi w "demokracjach" o roznych tyraniach na swiecie, a wlasnej sie nie zauwaza. Widac, ze Ontario pomalu sie cywilizuje i niezawistne jeszcze sadownictwo podwaza absurdalne, smieszne i glupie prawa prohibicyjne wobec konopii. Tylko jak dlugo wladza sadownicza bedzie niezalezna? Zobaczymy. Poczekamy.

Ontario court strikes down marijuana ban

Ontario is one step closer to the legalization of marijuana after the Ontario Superior Court struck down two key parts of the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act that prohibit the possession and production of pot.
The court declares the rules that govern medical marijuana access and the prohibitions laid out in section 4 and 7 of the Act "constitutionally invalid and of no force and effect" on Monday, effectively paving the way for legalization.
If the government does not respond within 90 days with a successful delay or re-regulation of marijuana, the drug will be legal to possess and produce in Ontario, where the decision is binding.
The ruling stemmed from the constitutional challenge of Matthew Mernagh, a man who relies on medical marijuana to ease pain brought on by fibromyalgia, scoliosis, seizures and depression.
The Ontario Court of Appeal had previously recognized that to deprive someone with a serious illness of medical marijuana if it relieves their pain is a violation of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms. As a result of that, the federal government created the Marijuana Medical Access Regulations to let people legally get, possess and grow marijuana if they have licence supported by a medical doctor.
Health Canada's medical marijuana program regulates and approves which growers patients can buy from and how much they're legally allowed to use for their treatment.
However, Justice Donald Taliano wrote in his decision on Monday that Mr. Mernagh - a well-known marijuana advocate who has been charged for possession and production of marijuana numerous times - has been unable to get a doctor to sign off on a medical marijuana licence.
"Doctors often have a great deal of difficulty with this and have in many cases blatantly outright refused to sign these forms," says Jacob Hunter, the policy director for the Vancouver-based Beyond Prohibition Foundation, which fights for the legalization of marijuana.
It's meant many Canadians waiting to be accepted into the medical marijuana program seek out medical marijuana without a licence, at times leading to possession and production-related arrests.
Mr. Mernagh's criminal charge is permanently stayed, Justice Taliano wrote in his ruling, and he is granted a "personal exemption" to buy or produce marijuana during the 90 days given to the government in order to submit its challenge. The decision is a huge win for legalization supporters and for medical marijuana patients.
"I think it represents a dramatic step forward for critically and chronically ill Canadians," B.C. lawyer and Foundation executive director Kirk Tousaw said Tuesday night. "It is undoubtedly going to progress through the court system ... but it's gratifying to see a court has accepted what so many thousand medical marijuana patients have been saying for years - that it's incredibly difficult if not impossible to access medical marijuana."
He compared the case to that of Henry Morgentaler, the abortion doctor and advocate whose constitutional win eventually led to the widespread legalization of abortion, one that "became legal without any real regulatory scheme surrounding it," Mr. Tousaw said.
Anti-drug action groups and others against the legalization of marijuana have said legalizing marijuana could lead to widespread use and increase crime rates.
Mr. Tousaw said that if unchallenged, the Ontario ruling could have a ripple effect across Canada. "I would argue that if marijuana is legal in Ontario, you can't realistically have it illegal in the rest of the country (NATIONAL POST, Wednesday, April 13, 2011).

The Libertarian platform includes:
Ending the war on drugs. Current drug enforcement policies have cost thousands of lives and billions of dollars. The Harper government's recent expansion of that war, with the support of the Liberals, will damage the lives of even more people. If drug dependency were treated as a personal medical problem, for those suffering from excessive drug use, there would be far less harm to society. The only role of the government with respect to drug use would be regulating against fraud (John Shaw, "The Libertarian party: Smaller government, more freedom", NATIONAL POST, Monday, April 11, 2011).

02:21 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

04:00 Hrs. Budzik zrywa mnie na rowne nogi. Na dworze 7-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 22C.

04:11 Hrs. Zazywam 28 kropelek BLACK WALNUT.

04:16 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "Uwazam Rze".

PIOTR ZAREMBA: Janusz Korwin-Mikke zauwazyl: nie wiadomo, czy to, co sie dzieje w krajach arabskich, to rewolucja, czy kontrrewolucja.
JAN ROKITA: No tak, bo przeciez to jest zryw przeciw dyktaturom socjalistycznym, niegdys powiazanym z ZSSR. I wprawdzie one przeszly przez dziesieciolecia wiele zmian, zmienialy sojusznikow, ale towarzyszyly im zawsze terror, korupcja, klamstwo, mysle, ze gorsze niz rzadom Jaruzelskiego. Dlatego ta rewolucja jest w jakis sposob dalszym ciagiem likwidowania posowieckiego modelu swiata, kontynuacja wielkiego 1989 roku ("Jan Rokita: Zazdroszcze Arabom", UWAZAM ZE, 14 III - 20 III 2011).

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06:20 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post". Ten sam. Wczorajszy, srodowy z "Ruling puts marijuana laws in limbo" na okladce. Bede musial zadzwonic i im powiedziec.

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06:43 Hrs. "Tak nieobliczalnie kocham cie" - unosi sie w Polskim Radiu Toronto na fali 1320 AM. Na dworze spiew ptakow + bury kot przechodzi ulice + rozjasnia sie. W dzienniku: Polskie MSZ nic nie moglo zrobic w sprawie usuniecia przez Rosjan tablicy upamietniajacej mord w Katyniu i katastrofe w Smolensku. Ceny w Polsce rosna.
Nasze ESSO na Bloor West Village bierze za litr paliwa $1.26.4. Inne ESSO + Shell, Canadian Tire, Petro-Canada $1.28.7.

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David Ribarovic - policjant huligan. Brutalnie zmaltretowal zatrzymana osobe. Cwaniulka techniki aresztowania uczyl sie zapewne z podrecznikow dla KGB. Czy odpowie przed sadem?

Da Rocha alleges he asked to see a badge, but the man never produced it. As he was handcuffed, da Rocha claims he was punched in the back of his head and his face repeatedly smashed into the cement.
"I thought he was going to kill me," da Rocha recalls. After bailing their son out of jail, his parents complained to police. But nothing was done. They then went to the Office of the Independent Police Review Director, who ultimately instructed the force to lay a charge.
Const. David Ribarovic, of 14 Division, is charged with unlawful or unnecessary exercise of authority under the Police Services Act (Chris Doucette, "Justice, one year later. With Toronto cop facing internal discipline - and civil suit - beaten man feels 'pretty good' ", THE TORONTO SUN, Thursday, April 14, 2011).

15:35 Hrs. W domu + magazyn "Maclean's" z "Benedict XVI. Is the Pope Catholic? From evolution to safe sex, a surprisingly activist Pope is remaking the Church as we know it" na okladce. Na dworze 12-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 16.3C.

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