Friday, May 05, 2017


pada. Ludzie biegna, bo sie boja deszczu... Wyprawy w nature odlozone. Jak pada nie mozna wybrac sie do lasu na mlecze. Dlatego to ziele studiuje doglebnie.



Features: adaptable perennial; glossy, toothy leaves; fuzzy, bright yellow flowers; delicate seed heads Height: 5-45 cm Spread: 10-45 cm Hardiness: zone 2-8

Historically, the dandelion was a major medicine of the poor and was held in high esteem for centuries, but it has fallen on hard times and is now just a weed. Still, for those suffering the agony of kidney stones, it might be noted that 18th-century physicians enjoyed some success treating the affliction with various decoctions where dandelion juice was the main ingredient. Dandelions are also full of vitamins, and eating them can only improve your health.

Dandelions grow best in full sun but tolerate shade with reduced flowering. The amount of sunlight a dandelion receives will influence how deeply toothed the leaves are. More sunlight will encourage more deeply toothed leaves. The soil should be of average fertility, neutral to alkaline and dry to moist, though most soil conditions are tolerated.

It readily self-seeds and is an aggressive spreader; grow it in an enclosed area such as a sturdy sunken container and remove the flowerheads before they go to seed.

This plant doesn't get the respect it deserves. Even if you decide to take advantage of its many virtues and include it in your garden, you may get a letter from bylaw enforcement asking you to remove it from your property.

T. officinale forms forms a basal rosette of toothy leaves. Bright yellow, fuzzy flowers are produced in a large flush in spring and sporadically all summer. It grows 5-45 cm tall and spreads 10-45 cm.

Problems & Pests
Dandelions rarely suffer from any serious problems, though powdery mildew can affect plans in areas with poor air circulation.

When gathering dandelion leaves, pick them when the dew is off, discarding any insect chewed leaves. The leaves are least bitter before flowering occurs (Alison Beck, A.H. Jackson, "Medicinal garden plants for Canada", LONE PINE PUBLISHING, Vancouver, BC 2015).

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