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nie ustepuja + bez klimatyzacji w domu + sila wzrasta + bol lagodzony magnetycznymi masazami rozdzka Herkulesa.

"The magnet is the king of all secrets" - PARACELSUS.

Many years ago when I began to lecture, teach, and write for the general public about holistic healing, it became clear to me that there was still a great deal of room for development in the area of simple, effective healing methods. And indeed more and more people in need of help are reaching out to the proven healing techniques of the past - such as traditional herbal remedies and homeopathy, as well as acupressure from China and foot-reflexology.
And as we work with natural healing, we discovered that the old tried-and-true methods are still effective today and less time consuming than many modern techniques.
In that spirit, and as the result of many years of work with Chinese healing methods, I am presenting in this book a method of healing that encompasses a variety of techniques - segment therapy, acupressure, and magnetism.
Extensive research has been done on magnet therapy in Japan as well as in the West. It has been shown to be extremely effective and a treatment of choice in many hospitals and clinics. Excellent work has been done in America by many scientists and medical professionals, among them Dr. A. Roy, Walter C. Rawles, Albert Roy Davis, and by Professor M. F. Barnothy. They have been able - through extensive and repeated experiments - to prove that magnetic currents positively influence metabolism and support the formation of amino acids (the building blocks for protein) in cells.
In addition, experiments have shown that it is possible to reduce muscle pain due to poor blood circulation or ever-exertion. Magnet therapy, therefore, is an effective and safe addition to many holistic treatment modalities and a valuable alternative to acupuncture.
A look at the history of medicine in civilization reveals that the magnet has been used for medical purposes throughout history in different cultures. In China it has been used for thousands of years.
Egyptian documents in hieroglyphics and cuneiform script reveal that magnet therapy was considered an indispensable part of that culture and a valued means of treating diseases. To this day graphic descriptions on walls, columns, and in temples attest to its use. Vast archives containing records of treatments and cures were kept in the so-called "healing temples." Many ancient writers and poets cite examples of this type of treatment.
Plinus, the Roman historian talks about magnet therapy in the treatment of eye diseases, and the French physician Marcel used it to treat headaches. Islamic physician Ibn Sina, also known as Avicenna (980-1037), treated depression with magnet therapy. And, Paracelsus (1493-1541), whose understanding and intellectual genius reached far beyond his time, wrote: "The magnet is the king of all secrets." He used magnets to treat a wide variety of illnesses.
In recent years Dr. W. O. Stark and Dr. P. Kerdaniel analyzed studies done at the University of Tokyo Medical School. They came up with surprising results: approximately eighty per cent of patients reacted positively to magnet therapy. I have found similar results in my own practice for many years.
This is why magnet therapy is of such special concern to me. In view of the scientific findings and the practical results I have witnessed, I think it is important to bring magnet therapy to th awareness of the interested lay public - particularly to those seeking help.
It is my hope that this book will help to do that.
Prof. Holger Hannemann, M.Sc. Herisau, Switzerland 1990 ("Magnet Therapy").

Olimpiada skonczona. Rosja znow prezy muskuly. Barbarzyncy wyraznie zastraszaja Ukraine i kraje baltyckie. Tam bedzie ich nastepne posuniecie. Ale barbarzynca Ruski musi wiedziec jedno (i zapewne juz wie), ze Polska to kraj wartosci szlacheckich, kraj honoru i wiary w Boga to zawsze stawala po stronie slabszego. Atak na kazdy kraj skladowy bylej Rzeczpospolitej Szlacheckiej jest rownoznaczny atakowi na Polske. Chce Rosja wojny z Polska. Bedzie ja miala.

03:11 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu (slomkowe + puszyste).

05:00 Hrs. Budzik zrywa mnie na rowne nogi + siusiu (slomkowe + puszyste). CP24 TV pokazuje temperature w Toronto 22C. Odczuwalne 30C. Temp. w kuchni 24C. + zrywam kartke z kalendarza: "Wiedza daje pokore wielkiemu, dziwi przecietnego, nadyma malego" - LEW TOLSTOJ.

05:13 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "Glos"

05:47 Hrs. Wskakuje na wage APSCO. 72 kg + arytmia.

05:50 Hrs. 1-sza szklanka wody z lyzeczka 300 mg magnezu w proszku Magnesium Citrate.

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