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poniedzialkiem rozpoczynamy czerwiec. Samopoczucie wysmienite + duch wysoko + I'm heavy, I'm really heavy, man, with the God's Grace! + cialo bezbolesne.


'Kremlin trolls'
flood Internet
with pro-Russian

Deep inside a four-storey marble building in St. Petersburg, hundreds of workers, like Lyudmila Savchuk tap away at computers. The "Kremlin trolls" work 12-hour shifts around the clock, flooding the Internet with propaganda aimed at stamping Vladimir Putin's world vision on Russia, and the world. In the past year, the campaign has gone into overdrive, hiring hundreds of operatives to help counter Western pressure over its role in the pro-Russian insurgency in eastern Ukraine. Their work is drawing Serbia away from its proclaimed European Union membership path and closer to the Russian orbit, and targeting Germany, the United States and other Western powers, says St. Petersburg journalist Andrei Soshnikov. The Associated Press (NATIONAL POST, Saturday, May 30, 2015).

News of Russian President Vladimir Putin's decision to classify more data on Russian military losses prompted many in Russia, Ukraine and the West to draw the facile conclusion that he acted to hide the casualties of his hybrid war on Ukraine. Putin, however, is doing something worse than that: He's telling the country he has ruled for 15 years that he doesn't have to account for his actions. And Russia will acquiesce, as it always does.
On May 28, Putin signed a decree amending a list of classified data approved by his predecessor, Boris Yeltsin, in 1995. One change extends secrecy from just wartime casualty counts to ones incurred during "peacetime special operations." The reaction was immediate. Oleksandr Turchynov, head of Ukraine's National Security and Defense Council, called the move "a clumsy attempt to hide what the whole world already knows - the war Russia is conducting against our country." Russian anti-Putin politician Ilya Yashin, who recently co-authored a report on Russian involvement in eastern Ukraine, tweeted: "Now those who search for data on our perished soldiers will be jailed." A headline in the Financial Times read "Russia Censors Discussion of Involvement in Ukraine" (Leonid Bershidsky, "Burying the bodies deep", NATIONAL POST, Monday, June 1, 2015).

Many former Baathists still do not adhere to ISIL's professed ideological stance, he says. "A lot of them view the jihadists with this Leninist mindset that they're useful idiots who we can use to rise to power," Hashim told The Washington Post (Davide Mastracci, "A fateful decision. Twelve years ago the U.S. disbanded the Iraqi army. It's still fighting remnants today", NATIONAL POST, Saturday, May 23, 2015).

00:16 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

01:32 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

04:45 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu + wstaje. Na dworze 8-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 21C. + zrywam kartke z kalendarza: "Nie wyleczy sie chorego, ktory nie wierzy w swoja chorobe" - HENRI FREDERIC AMIEL.

05:07 Hrs. Lektura tronowa. "wSIECI HISTORII".

Podczas gdy w Polsce dzialala silna opozycja antykomunistyczna, na Wegrzech funkcjonowaly tylko slabe i rozproszone srodowiska opozycyjne, ktore do drugiej polowy lat 80. byly calkowicie nieznane wiekszosci spoleczenstwa, dlatego Wegrzy nie mogli podazyc polska droga.
Oczywiscie istnieja punkty zbiezne i paralele: opozycja i komunistyczne wladze nad Dunajem takze obradowaly przy stole, gdzie, podobnie jak w Polsce, narodzilo sie porozumienie o przemianie ustrojowej, a ostatni etap przekazywania wladzy rowniez przebiegal stopniowo i w pokojowej atmosferze (Zoltan Gabor Szucs, Attila Gyulai, "1989 - wspolny kierunek rozbieznych drog. Podobienstwa oraz roznice transformacji w Polsce i na Wegrzech", wSIECI HISTORII, Czerwiec 2014).

05:45 Hrs. Wskakuje na wage APSCO. 69 kg.

06:02 Hrs. (1) szklanka zielonej herbaty + czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER + 2 daktyle.

06:07 Hrs. Biore kapsulke 770 mg Cardio Mag 2.0 + kapsulke 500 mg Cinnamon Extract.

06:18 Hrs. Maselko kokosowe na twarz + lyzeczka doustnie.

06:32 Hrs. Jem 3 suszone morele.

06:35 Hrs. Odpalam maszyne. Na dworze zachmurzenie duze + spiew ptakow.

06:40 Hrs. Czestuje sie ze skrzynek na chodniku 2 gazetami. "Metro" z "T.O. wants to tear down Gardiner. Polls reveal strong public support for the expressway's 'boulevard option' " na okladce + "24hrs" z " 'I think It's a fair curriculum'. Toronto's LGBT community hosted a day of support for the province's new sex-education curriculum, holding panel discussions and a rally to dispel the "propaganda" of misinformation being spread" na okladce.
ESSO bierze za litr paliwa $1.16.9. Shell $1.19.9.

08:21 Hrs. Jem rzodkiewke.

08:45 Hrs. Glod + czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER.

09:20 Hrs. 2-ga szklanka wody.

09:50 Hrs. Jem rzodkiewke.

10:35 Hrs. Siusiu.

10:55 Hrs. Jem 2 kromki chleba razowego + 2 plasterki wedzonego lososia + 4 rzodkiewki.

12:00 Hrs. 3-cia szklanka wody + 2 ciasteczka cynamonowe + kapsulka 500 mg Cinnamon Extract + kapsulka 770 mg Cardio Mag 2.0 + temp. na dworze 13C.

12:46 Hrs. Jem garstke orzechow wloskich + garstke orzechow laskowych.

13:50 Hrs. (4) szklanka nutri blastu.

14:39 Hrs. Jem jablko z pestkami.

15:25 Hrs. Siusiu.

16:40 Hrs. W domu + wyciagam ze skrzynki na listy "National Post" z "To Syria and back, undeterred. Anti-ISIL fighters face little scrutiny from Ottawa" na okladce + glod + 5-ta szklanka wody. Na dworze 15-stopniowo. Temp. w kuchni 18C.

16:55 Hrs. Czestuje sie czekoladka Xocai POWER + jem kubek 100 g jogurtu OIKOS.

17:00 Hrs. Jem miseczke platkow owsianych gotowanych na mleku i polanych syropem klonowym

18:08 Hrs. Siusiu + jablko z pestkami.

20:19 Hrs. Jem 8 smazonych na maselku kokosowym krewetek czarne tygrysy + kromka chleba razowego + (6) szklanka piwa TUBORG.

21:15 Hrs. (7) szklanka ziola MIETA + 2 tabletki STRESS FORMULA + kapsulka 500 mg Cinnamon Extract + kapsulka 770 mg Cardio Mag 2.0.

21:17 Hrs. Jem 3 suszone morele + ciasteczko cynamonowe + lyzka stolowa wiorek kokosowych + garstka groszkow wasabi green peas.

21:45 Hrs. 1/2 szklanka wody slodzonej lyzeczka miodu + 3 lyzeczki octu jablkowego + tabletka 150 mg magnezu + tabletka ArmoLIPID.

21:48 Hrs. Biore lyzke stolowa oleju z lnu.

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