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Canadian Production
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October 26 & 27
Toronto Airport Marriott Hotel
Tickets Available

Feds weeding out private growers

Senior National Reporter

OTTAWA - Pink slips are headed to thousands of licenced medical pot farmers to make room for government-controlled super grow-ops.
The changes roll out Tuesday with the blessing of the RCMP which says the current system is fraught with criminal abuse.
Under the new system, which will be phased in over six months and could generate $1.3 billion a year in revenue by 2024 as the number of users multiplies, medical users will no longer be permitted to grow their own or buy from the current patchwork of 4,200 authorized dealers.
Starting in April, approved users will only be able to obtain medical pot through designated suppliers. It would be delivered by courier.
The timing of Health Canada's weed initiative comes at the same time Prime Minister Stephen Harper's Conservatives are criticizing Justin Trudeau for promoting the legalization and taxation of pot.
The government has stepped up its attack on the Liberal leader by taking aim of one of his key advisers for applying to secure a license to grow marijuana in a closed chocolate factory in Smiths Falls, in eastern Ontario.
markdunn@sunmedia.ca (The Toronto Sun, Tuesday, October 1, 2013).

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