Saturday, April 21, 2012

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chlodny + nieprzyjemny dzien. Caly dzien spedzilem w pizamie. Spalem + ogladalem TV na kanapie. Obejrzalem 3 programy polonijne + dzienniki i 2 filmy. Pelen relaks i swoboda + duzo, duzo spania + czytania.

In January 1969 you published a letter I wrote to Forum about an article I had read in The Dallas Morning News. Richard Dorsey, 58, a shoeshine stand operator, was sentenced by a local judge to 50 years in prison for selling a matchbox of marijuana for $5 to an undercover cop. You noted that the sentence was extreme but not unique and that state laws were all over the place. For example, while North Dakota punished possession with up to 99 years of hard labor, neighboring South Dakota until 1968 had a maximum sentence of 90 days. To my knowledge, this was the first time such information had been published in a widely read, national magazine, and it sparked a dialogue that continues to this day. This letter is to thank you for publishing that response so many years ago.
Richard Sadler
Memphis, Tennessee.
Thank you for writing - both times. State laws are generally more consistent and less draconian today, though Texas remains a tough place to get busted. According to the National Organization for the Reform of Marijuana Laws, no state prosecutes more of its residents for marijuana offenses, and 97 percent of arrests are for possession alone.
Other states to avoid include Oklahoma, Florida, Louisiana and Arizona. You can check the laws in your state at Notably, Dorsey had been arrested before; a 1952 raid on his home included an early of a tactic that gives police a powerful incentive to continue the war - asset forfeiture. During the raid, Dallas police discovered "400 grains" of marijuana in Dorsey's 1948 convertible. They promptly seized the car, citing a federal court ruling that allowed them to confiscate automobiles used to transport narcotics. In fact, an officer boasted, it was the third car they had taken in raids that week ("Forum", PLAYBOY, May 2012).

01:49 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

06:17 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

09:15 Hrs. Budze sie naturalne + wstaje. Na dworze 3-stopniowo. Zachmurzenie wielkie. Temp. w kuchni 21.9C.

09:49 Hrs. Biore 3 tabletki chemii + popijam mlekiem.

11:03 Hrs. Widze siebie w TV. "Polish Studio" sfilmowalo msze niedzielna w kosciele. Poswiecona byla ona zbrodni katynskiej i katastrofie smolenskiej. Po mszy odbyla sie demonstrancja pod Pomnikiem Katynskim.

11:17 Hrs. "Russia Killing Again" - napis na jednym z plakatow podczas demonstracji pod parlamentem Kanady w Ottawie.

13:00 Hrs. Ogladam w telewizji na kanale OWN 72 film pt. "A river runs through it".

13:45 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post" z "Tactics Excused. Quebecers give striking students a free pass" na okladce.

18:11 Hrs. Biore 4 tabletki chemii + popijam sokiem z granata.

19:05 Hrs. Biore 2 pastylki CARDIOSTABIL + popijam sokiem z granata.

21:21 Hrs. Ogladam na kanale TVO2 film pt. "The Onion Field".

67,807 dead
67,807 people died of cancer in Canada in a single year ("Cancer in Canada", NATIONAL POST, saturday, April 21, 2012).

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