Monday, November 28, 2011


pojdzie po mysli premiera Kanady pana Stephena Harpera, to wkrotce w Kanadzie bezpieczniej beda sie czuc pedofile od pacjentow zazywajacych konopie w celach leczniczych. Wojna z narkotykami doprowadza do takich absurdow, ze rece opadaja.

Feds still 'strongly opposed' to legalizing marijuana

QMI Agency

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says he won't decriminalize pot despite calls for reform from Vancouver's current mayor and four of his predecessors.
Recently re-elected Gregor Robertson joined four former Vancouver mayors last week calling for Canada to change its marijuana laws. The group endorses the Stop Violence Coalition, which is pushing for the taxation and regulation of pot.
Harper said laws surrounding marijuana use in Canada won't be loosened under his watch, but critics say the Conservative's massive crime bill before Parliament is tougher on pot users than pedophiles.
The government has unrolled a crime bill that rolls together several pieces of legislation including setting mandatory minimum sentences for convicts who possessed six marijuana plants.
The legislation is currently being studied by the House of Commons justice committee, but it will pass into law under the Tory majority government.
The prime minister maintains the government is concerned about the spread of drugs in Canada. "We're strongly opposed to the legalization of drugs," Harper told reporters in Vancouver Friday. "Obviously, we're very concerned about the spread of drugs in the country and the damage it's doing to our kids."
About 150 protesters gathered in Ottawa Sunday to protest the crime legislation. Critics, including federal opposition parties, say the Tories are limiting the power of the judiciary in Canada by imposing mandatory minimum sentences.
Harper has promised to pass the crime bill within 100 days of Parliament sitting ("24H", Monday, November 28, 2011).

High IQ linked to illegal drug use: Study

Children with high IQs are more likely to do illegal drugs later in life, a new U.K. study says. Researches at Cardiff University in Wales analyzed data from nearly 8,000 British people in a 1970 cohort study. IQ scores were measured at age five and 10. and self-reported levels of psychological distress and drug use were gathered at age 16 and 30. At age 30, 35% of men and 16% of women had used pot, while 9% of men and 4% of women had used cocaine in the last year. The men with high IQs at age five were about 50% more likely to have used amphetamines, Ecstasy and several illicit drugs than those with low scores. Women with high IQs were more than twice as likely to have used marijuana and cocaine as those with low IQ scores. "Although it is not yet clear exactly why there should be a link between high IQ and illicit drug use, previous research has shown that people with a high IQ are more open to new experiences," Dr. James White said in a statement.
QMI AGENCY ("24H", Monday, November 21, 2011).

01:36 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

06:13 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post" z "NATO air strike not provoked: Pakistan. 24 troops killed. Attack further strains U.S. ties to Pakistan" na okladce.

15:32 Hrs. W domu + 2 magazyny "Hello! Canada". Jeden z "Prince Harry sets hearts racing on his American adventure" na okladce i drugi z "A year in the spotlight. Prince William and Kate" na okladce. Takze magazyn "Canadian Security" z "Top of the Tower. Leo Manos takes on the role of director of security for the Trump International Hotel & Tower - a highly anticipated addition to the Toronto skyline" na okladce.

18:45 Hrs. Biore 3 tabletki chemii + popijam woda.

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