Tuesday, May 29, 2012

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Szklana sztuka na Treating Yourself  Expo
lece caly dzien. Nieznosny bol zeba. Czlowiek nie moze wyzwolic sie od bolu. Chiropraktor wyeliminowal mi bol z szyi, to zyczliwa Opatrznosc dala mi bol zeba.

Canadian Activists Forming a United Front!

I write this with only four days to go until the second Treating Yourself Expo which has taken about ten months to execute. This year promises to be a fantastic event and we have people coming from as far as Japan, which is an enormous compliment.

Following the recent set back of a majority Conservative Government being voted in, headed by Stephen Harper, people in the cannabis movement are waiting in fear and anticipation. Harper promised to move forward with his introduction of mandatory minimum sentences within the first one hundred days which would affect cannabis users and growers. This threat has bought positive changes in a once fragmented movement and we are closing ranks and forming a unified front. There is now positive, open communication between the West coast activists and those of us in Toronto. Jodie Emery, Jeremiah Vandermeer and other prominent activists are attending the Treating Yourself Expo and promoting the release of Marc Emery. This marks a new era of solidarity which should allow us to put forth a stronger voice on a political level. The next stage would be to branch out and recruit people from outside the movement to support the medical benefits for using medical cannabis. Examples of these ambassadors can be heard at the Treating Yourself Expo such as Mary Lynn Mathre and Dr. Robert Melamede.

Upon reflection, it is with enormous sadness that I mention Michelle Rainey. Those of you who attended the Expo last year or who have watched the DVD of the show will remember how she hosted the events and interviewed a vast range of people. Michelle was also my sounding block and good friend. She died shortly after the show from cancer and to those who knew her, remember her as someone who showed professionalism, diplomacy and love. I have decided to create a Michelle Rainey award for an activist who personifies the essence of Michelle who often took on the role of unsung hero.

I find it disheartening that I have to continually battle with various government agencies as a result of my outspokenness against Health Canada. It makes me consider that it is time to relocate Treating Yourself out of Canada and out of the reach of the Harper Government. It's ironic that a successful Canadian business is being sabotaged by the Canadian Government. They clearly only support companies that are supportive towards prohibition.

On lighter note, I hope that you enjoy this latest issue of the magazine and continue to support those who need it such as Marc Emery and other prisoners of the drug war.

Take Care and Peace
Marco Renda (TREATING YOURSELF, Issue 29 2011).
01:10 Hrs. Budzi mnie siusiu.

06:15 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post" z "Syria walking all over the UN. Mission no match for regime as it continues killing" na okladce +  biore tabletke CENTRUM Select 50+ + zielona herbata.

15:32 Hrs. W domu. Na dworze zachmurzenie. 26-stopniowo. Odczuwalne 31C. Temp. w kuchni 25.7C. W skrzynce 2 magayzny. "Hello! Canada" z "William and Kate madly in love as they celebrate the Prince's big win" na okladce + "SP&T News" z "The house that thinks. The home automation market is discovering new ways to innovate" na okladce.

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