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sasiadki w ogrodku zakwitly roze. Nie wychodzilem dzis z domu. Pogoda nijaka. Glownie zachmurzenie duze + deszcz. Spalem + czytalem + modlitwa.

"Marihuana to zlo, na ktore trzeba reagowac bez zwloki" - HARRY ANSLINGER

Polskie mysliwce przylapaly nad Baltykiem ministra obrony Rosji Sergeja Shoigu. Mam nadzieje, ze mieli go na celowniku. Politycznie poprawny (czyt. proniemiecko-poprawny) "National Post" nie wymienil "polskie mysliwce", tylko "mysliwce NATO". Tak jak w swoich artykulach uzywa "nazistowskie obozy koncentracyjne", zamiast poprawnie "niemieckie obozy koncentracyjne". Ciekawy tez jest artykul o antypolaku mieszkajacym w Ottawie, panu Janie Grabowskim. Ten antypolski artykul "National Post" wydrukowal na 1-szej stronie! Zacytuje obydwa.



MOSCOW NATO fighter jets confronted a plane carrying Russia's defence minister in neutral airspace over the Baltic Sea Wednesday morning before being chased away by a Russian warplane, the New York Times reported.
NATO confirmed the face-off, but denied acting aggressively or knowing that the minister, Sergei K. Shoigu, was on board. Shoigu was flying to the Russian exclave of Kaliningrad when the incident occurred, the Times said, citing Russian media.
NATO planes "attempted to escort" the plane carrying Shoigu over the Baltic Sea, according to Russian news agency Tass, which had a reporter on board (NATIONAL POST, Thursday, June 22, 2017).

Historian says he's target
of Polish 'hate' campaign


Holocaust experts support professor


An eminent Canadian historian whose writings on the Holocaust in Poland have attracted death threats said Tuesday that fierce criticism of his research is an unjustified attack on academic freedom.
In an interview, University of Ottawa Prof. Jan Grabowski, 55, said he would not allow the "campaign of hate" to distract him from delving into what he called an ugly, but little-told, piece of history.
"I feel personally attacked but this is for me a much more dangerous and general problem that has to be dealt with," Grabowski said in an interview from Ottawa. "It's a pure and simple attack on basic academic freedoms, which we take for granted here in Canada. I'm dismayed."
The history professor, who has spent years studying the Holocaust in Poland, maintains many Poles who killed Jews were not simply forced to collaborate with the Nazis, who occupied the country during the Second World War.
"They were realizing their own dream of a Jew-free Poland," Grabowski said. "At the same time, they were very ardent opponents of the German occupation. Nothing is simple here."
While no stranger to controversy over his views, what's changed recently is that his critics are no longer content to denounce him in Poland. Now, he said, they have brought their criticism to Canada by writing directly to the university where he has worked for almost 25 years to accuse him of lying and fabricating historical evidence.
In two letters this month, the Polish League Against Defamation says Grabowski's views are damaging to Poland. "He falsifies the history of Poland, proclaiming the thesis that Poles are complicit in the extermination of Jews," the league writes. "Grabowski fails to adhere to the fundamental rules of researcher's credibility. He uses vivid and exaggerated statements to create propagandistic constructions, rather than to provide an honest picture."
One of the letters is signed by 130 Polish scholars - none, he says, with any connection to Holocaust studies. In 2014, Grabowski was given the Yad Vashem International Book Prize for his work Hunt for the Jews: Betrayal and Murder in German-Occupied Poland, an award the league called "disturbing."
Grabowski said the prevailing political climate in Eastern Europe is emboldening nationalist groups. He also said some of the league's founders are now either ranking members of Poland's government or senior advisers to its ministers. "It's to an extent aligned with the wishes of the Polish state, which makes it all the more, I would say, appalling," he said of the group's campaign.
In a display of solidarity, however, scores of preeminent international Holocaust scholars on Monday wrote to the chancellor of the University of Ottawa defending Grabowski as a scholar of "impeccable personal and professional integrity."
The letter praises his courage in pursuing his research despite the attempts to shut him down. The writers also criticize the league. "The current attack on Prof. Grabowski by the Polish League Against Defamation, as in a recent public letter signed by more than 100 academics who have no expertise in the subject, is baseless, putting forth a distorted and whitewashed version of the history of Poland during the Holocaust era," the letter states.
League founder Maciej Swirski denied in an email on Tuesday that it was running a campaign targeting Grabowski or academic freedom.
The University of Ottawa did not responded immediately to a request for comment but the professor said the rector assured him of its full support. The Canadian Press with files from The Associated Press (NATIONAL POST, Wednesday, June 21, 2017).

"Zasada "Liberum Veto" byla piekna proba wskazania na fakt, ze jeden madry czlowiek moze widziec swiat bardziej prezyzyjnie niz caly tlum krzykaczy" - WITOLD GADOWSKI

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08:15 Hrs. Podnosze z werandy "National Post" z " 'Complete hell': Family mourns Canadkian fighter illed in Syria. Kurds negotiated with ISIL to recover 24-year-old's remains" na okladce.

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